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Πρακτική Άσκηση
Digitization Trainee Πρακτική ΟΤΕ

Digitization Trainee Πρακτική ΟΤΕ

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Participation in a project related to the use of platforms and applications of digital signatures, eID as well as recognition of opportunities for digitization of paperless initiatives (paperless initiatives)
  • Support the project team in developing policies, procedures as well as risk identification and development management plans
  • Support for communication campaigns, development and maintenance of content on intranet as well as communication with users

Required Qualifications

  • Good knowledge of Telecommunications
  • Good knowledge of computers and information systems,
  • Good knowledge of English.

Desirable Skills

  • Good communication skills
  • Flexibility-adaptability
  • Creativity

Required Skills

  • Very good level of English
  • Understanding the operation of corporate information systems, knowledge of xml
  • Knowledge in flow development and related diagrams
  • Fast learner – Ask Questions

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